Our Story

Our Story

When I was a kid, I used to watch my grandma knit and crochet, but I never tried it myself until something that happened left me heartbroken. I needed something new in my life - one of these things included picking up crochet.

I had the crochet hook that my grandma used to use and some leftover yarn. Although I’ve seen my grandma crochet, I was honestly still very confused about how it worked. I was thinking, β€œHow does this work with just one hook?” πŸ€”

So I went online and searched for crochet videos and even started a Pinterest account to research how to crochet. It took some time to get all the information I needed to get started on my first project - a basket! It wasn't the best, but I did not give up!
After my basket project, I began to create gifts for friends, such as scarves, bags, amigurumi animals, and even baby shoes. One of the gifts I made was for Felix - I made him a Snorlax. He loved it so much that he wanted to make his own amigurumi dinosaur for his mom. He tried to learn it on his own but it was hard … He spent weeks piecing together videos, diagrams, and blogs about crochet in order to understand how to make a dinosaur. Eventually, Felix reached out to ask me to teach him how to crochet. He was able to grasp the basic crochet fundamentals within minutes!

And that’s when we decided to make an Animal Crochet Store. We wanted to provide beginners with easy-to-follow instructions (video and written patterns) along with materials and tools to help begin their crochet journey without stress and frustration.

Whether it’s to learn a new skill, a form of therapy, or a thoughtful handmade gift, we want to create an easy and fun experience for everyone who is interested in crochet.

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